York Tap pub, York station, Yorkshire

By | September 10, 2013

I can honestly say that I’ve never had as good a time waiting for a train as I did at the York Tap pub, York station, Yorkshire.

With time on my hands and a fine array of ales to choose from I could have happily missed my train home, accidentally on purpose, of course.

This spacious boozer is right on the main station platform providing a relaxing retreat for those wanting a swift beer or five before boarding trains to such great British destinations as Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Plymouth and Bristol, while some trains go to Hull.

It’s a tidy, well-maintained boozer with a white-painted ceiling and dark red walls. It caters generously for the ale connoisseur – several of whom I saw wandering around the large circular stand-alone bar with their tongues hanging out perusing the many choices available.

I opted for a pint of Ilkely Brewery’s Mary Jane (3.5%) – a light, hoppy, citrussy ale which hit the spot while I waited for my choo choo.

I must confess, I had originally ordered a pint of Down Deeperer by Arbor Ales, but at a whopping 12 per cent, the barmaid wisely warned me against it. After a weekend on the booze in York my eyesight was packing up and I could bearly read the name of the ales, let alone the volume.

A word of advice for lager lovers; you would be better heading to the tacky pub round the corner where Fosters can be consumed to your hearts content.

I sat and supped quiely whille waiting for the delayed 17.55 to London hoping, for once, the delay would go on and on.


ADDRESS: York Train Station, York, United Kingdom YO24 1AB. www.yorktap.com

ATMOSPHERE: *** It was busy up to a point with a regular turnover of arrivals and departues and some locals who just can’t say no to a decent pint.

DECOR: **** Neat and tidy, but lacking in a bit of character. Walls adorned with nice pictures of York station from years gone by and the paintwork is a classy combination of white and dark red.

SERVICE: **** Polite and knowledgeable. The lass who served me saved me from having an enormous headache on my train by steering me clear of the 12 per cent stuff unless ‘I really wanted it.’

SELECTION: ***** This is the place to go for a good real ale, of which there are many to choose from.

PRICE: **** To this southern softie, £2.80 is very good value.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: There’s a handy chalkboard outlining information about the various beers and breweries on the wall next to the bar – this may save you about half an hour of wandering round and round the bar trying to make that all-important decision of what to drink next. The Tap opens at 9am.
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