The King’s Head, Deal, Kent

By | June 11, 2013

King's Head

Sometimes the best nights out are those which aren’t planned in advance. My night out in Deal is one such example.

What started off with a peaceful pint in a backstreet boozer ended with a seaside sozzle session and a hellish hangover.

I literally had a burning desire to sink a few swift beers in some of Deal’s drinking dens having scorched my mouth on a blazing hot pizza. Note to self: Let it cool down next time.

The King’s Head, Deal, Kent was the final destination of my pub crawl and I arrived in a merry mood which was just as well, there was a Halloween party in progress.

The young and enthusiastic bar staff were dressed as skeletons, ghosts and ghouls in a bid to get a scary-lookng pack of punters into the spirit of the occasion. My prize for the best costume went to the guy with a Cornflake packet taped to his t-shirt – Deal’s very own cereal killer.

Even the band joined in the Halloween hilarity by murdering Don McClean’s classic party anthem American Pie.

Their rendition of Tom Petty’s Free Falling was most appropriate as they plummeted in my estimations after one of the group ordered a pint of Fosters. Shocking.

Then there was a chorus of boos from the bar as a bunch of bananas bundled in followed by a rather sheepish-looking lad in a Jimmy Savile costume. Rest assured he was taken to task for his choice of outfit by those in the beer garden.

The King’s Head is a gem of a pub and has everything you’d expect from a seaside boozer with old wooden beams, seafaring regalia and pictures of yesteryear.

It was packed to the rafters with the staff having as much fun as the worse-for-wear punters.

I ordered a pint of another pint of Shepherd Neame’s Master Brew (3.7%) and then things got a little strange.

A young barman came right over to me and played the spoons to an impressive standard before wowing his audience by drinking beer from his shoe. Once the applause died down the lad jumped on a table where he danced with a blonde female colleague.

Then, out of the blue, some young lads at the bar asked if I fancied a shot of Tequilla. I said yes, of course.

Moments later the five of us squinted in unison as we picked up our shot glasses and downed the beverage.

I don’t know if the King’s Head is like this every weekend, but the staff and friendly punters certainly pulled out all the stops to give me a hangover to remember. If you’re ever in this part of Kent then you simply must give this is old haunt of mine a try.


ADDRESS: THE KING’S HEAD, 9 Beach Street, Deal, Kent, CT14 7AH
01304 368194

ATMOSPHERE: ***** The punters ranged from young and old to fat and thin. It’s a pub for the people, not the pretentious. It was rocking.

SERVICE: ***** The staff here have got the fun factor and are a pleasant bunch.

SELECTION: *** Shepherd Neame staples such as Spitfire, Master Brew, Bishop’s Finger and the seasonal ale Late Red.

PRICE: **** £3.20 for Master Brew is pretty good going.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: During the summer the King’s Head prides itself on wonderful floral displays such as colourful hanging baskets. It’s little wonder this pub is considered one of the best seaside boozers in the country. Oh, and sorry for the quality of the picture. It doesn’t do the pub justice.