Split Crow, Halifax, Nova Scotia

By | May 7, 2014

I walked through the doors of the Split Crow in search of a quiet pint. I was in that kind of mood, you see.

It was early evening and the place was fairly quiet with just a smattering off diners. I bought a pint of Rickard’s Blonde and went to sit outside.

I plonked myself down and raised a glass to the last night of my holiday. It was just what the doctor ordered.

But, within five minutes, the silence was broken by the arrival of an artist who asked if I wouldn’t mind posing for him.

I didn’t see any problem with it and did what I was instructed to do, even if he did seem a little eccentric.

It was only when he asked me to raise my left hand as if I was cupping my breast that I got suspicious that all may not be as it seems.

Let’s get one thing straight; I’m a guy. I don’t have any breasts to cup… yet.

However, even I have to admit my man boobs are rapidly taking shape.

I’m all for encouraging the arts, but I have to draw the line somewhere. So, I got up and walked inside, leaving my artistic pal alone with his mucky thoughts.

Halfway through my ‘quiet’ pint a gaggle of music lovers filtered inside the Crow and before long I was surrounded by toe-tapping, head-nodding, hand-clapping young folk enjoying a live gig.

It wasn’t what I had in mind, but I couldn’t overpower this beat-bopping bunch, so I joined them for an hour or so.

In it’s early days this boozer was a second home for sailors, mariners and travelers, and it was my ‘local’ for the duration of my stay in Halifax. By the time my holiday came to an end I was an honorary regular.

Every time I walked in there the bartender would welcome me with a firm high-five and say ‘hey, theinnspectre.com! What ya havin?” It was great.

The main bar has a raised seated area which provides an ideal platform from which to enjoy events such as gigs, quizzes or fund-raising auctions.

Talking of fund-raising, to the left of the main bar there is an area which houses some amusements.

Here optimistic punters can feed what funds they have into fruit machines in the hope of raising enough cash to buy another pint or two.

I’d arrived at the Crow in reflective mood but left feeling like a party animal.

Much of this transformation has to do with the feel-good vibe created by the live music. It lifted me out of my stupor.

As I departed the Crow for the final time I noticed a sign above the door which read: ‘Free beer tomorrow’.

I was flying back to London the following day. Flippin’ typical.


ADDRESS: 1855 Granville Street, Halifax, B3J 1Y1. www.splitcrow.com

ATMOSPHERE: ***** It was fairly quiet early evening, but it cranked up considerably once the post-dinner crowd left and the music started.

DECOR: **** Typically north American with sport a central theme. Large screen TVs showed baseball. The green and white awnings out the front cover a small but nice patio area, just keep an eye out for my mate the artist.

SELECTION: **** A decent choice featuring Rickards and Propeller.

SERVICE: *** Nice enough. Enjoyed the banter and table service.

PRICE: *** I can’t really comment. My mind was taken away from such matters by the creep with the paint brush outside.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: If the Crow has stopped serving food and you’re suffering from an attack of the late night munchies then fear not. The pub is literally across the street from Boston Pizza. They’re open late and are experts in dealing with hungry drunks.