Spinner and Bergamot pub celebrates 300 years

By | September 16, 2014
Robert and Anita Southerton of the Spinner and Bergamot

Robert and Anita Southerton of the Spinner and Bergamot

Historic British boozers are much-loved and admired the world over, so when a pub hits an important landmark, it’s the perfect excuse to enjoy a celebratory pint or two.

Patrons of the Spinner and Bergamot pub in Comberbach, Cheshire, raised a glass in celebration as the Inn celebrated its 300th birthday.

Built in 1714 and originally called The Kings Head, the Inn became the favourite watering hole of the Smith-Barry family – an aristocratic family of Marbury Hall known for their love of horse racing.

During 1762, the patriarch of the Smith-Barry family, John
Smith-Barry and his prize winning grey mare racehorse, known as ‘The Spinner’, won a series of high profile championship races across England; the pub was renamed The Spinner after this success; legend has it that at one point John Smith-Barry ran the pub.

Upon John’s death in 1784, his son, James Smith-Barry raced another horse; Bergamot. Bergamot continued the success of The Spinner by winning the town plate at the Stamford Races.

Although James was never able to live up to the standard set by his father and his prize racehorse, Bergamot and the Smith-Barry family were immortalised forever in 1912 when the pub became known as The Spinner and Bergamot Inn.

Fast-forward a hundred years or so, and the history of the Spinner and Bergamot continues today with publicans Robert and Anita Southerton, who took over the reins of the Robinsons pub in March 2006.

“It’s not every day you get to celebrate a 300th anniversary” joked Robert. “We know how important this pub is to our village and our regulars and we wanted to celebrate this milestone birthday in style.”

Robert and Anita rolled out the red carpet and invited 60 loyal regulars to a 5 course evening banquet with a speciality wine, chosen by Robinsons’ wine experts, to accompany each course.

“It was a touch of grandeur but one that was definitely fitting of such a special occasion” said Anita. “Our customers are so important and loyal to the pub and it was a pleasure to celebrate with them.”

Susan Forbes, Business Development Manager for Robinsons Brewery, said: “The pub holds such a special place in the hearts of the local community and the celebration was a landmark occasion for everyone. Here’s to 300 more!”

The Spinner and Bergamot is open daily – serving award winning Robinsons cask ales and home cooked food. For more information on the Spinner and Bergamot please visit www.spinnerandbergamot.com

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