Rock Legends Iron Maiden launch Trooper real ale

By | April 10, 2013

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Rock legends Iron Maiden have
teamed-up with an English brewery to launch their own beer.

Entitled Trooper, after one of the band’s favourite hits, the tipple was developed by lead singer Bruce Dickenson who assisted staff during several visits to Stockport-based brewery Robinsons.

Dickenson is a long-time lover of traditional English real ale and was delighted to have been asked to take part.

Trooper is 4.7% and is a mean and moody ale as depicted by the band’s mascot Eddie, a rather sinister looking skeleton who appears on bottles and hand pumps.

Trooper will be available in bottles worldwide from May.

Robinsons, which produces such popular brews as Unicorn, Double Hop and Dizzy Blonde, celebrates its 175th anniversary this year with the launch of a new visitors’ centre.

This is not the first time the brewery has launched a beer with a British band. In 2011 they helped Elbow with their golden premium session ale Build A Rocket Boys (4%).