The Maxwell’s Plum, Halifax, Nova Scotia

A bubbly barmaid at the Maxwell’s Plum, Halifax, Nova Scotia asked me what I wanted to drink. I don’t normally have a problem answering such a question, but then I don’t normally have to choose one of 60 beers on tap. So, I did what any Englishman would do when faced with making such a… Read More »

The Wheatsheaf, Willingdon

I spent a late summer’s afternoon searching for a decent pub in Eastbourne. It was an afternoon wasted. I’ll never get that time back. If only I had gone armed with the knowledge that one of the area’s best boozers – the Wheatsheaf – lies just outside the town in a Morris Dancing-loving backwater called… Read More »

The Famous Green Man, Ewell

Sitting in a beer garden with the sun beating down on your face is a wonderful experience. Being surrounded by middle-aged cigarette-puffing chavs who use such outdated terms as ‘lovely jubbly’ and ‘pukka’ while swigging a lager top, is not. The banal banter of this boozy bunch left me wondering if I’d been beamed back… Read More »

The Three Lions, Farncombe

When I was a lad my older sisters used to tease me a lot. It’s tempting to spill the beans and tell the world who these nasty girls are, but I will keep their anonymity safe by refering to them only as Sister A and Sister B. While me and Sister A sat quietly watching… Read More »

Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

The allure of the good old English pub should not be underestimated. This was the message I received loud and clear from a group of cider supping American tourists I had the pleasure of meeting in the Bunch of Grapes (BoG). The visitors, from Jeffersontown, Missouri told me how much they enjoy our boozers with… Read More »

The Windsor Castle, Clapham

I was in a really good mood as I approached the Windsor Castle, Clapham. It was Friday, the sun was beating down and I was just about to have my first pint of the weekend. On my way into the pub, I walked past two cigarette-toting bald bruts wearing football shirts. They looked like the… Read More »

Simon The Tanner, Bermondsey

Simon the Tanner may sound like the name of a character you’d expect to find in popular childrens’ TV shows of yesteryear such as The Magic Roundabout, Ivor the Engine or Trumpton,but it’s not, it’s the name of a boozer in Bermondsey, south London. Sadly, the image of Simon, Windy Miller, Zebedee and Jones the… Read More »

The Economy Shoe Shop, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Don’t go to the Economy Shoe Shop expecting to pick up a cheap pair of moccasins, stilletoes or brogues. It’s not that kind of shoe shop. Thankfully it’s the sort of shop which serves beer to weary punters like myself looking to put their feet up and enjoy a cheeky booze. The Shoe is in… Read More »

Oddfellows Arms, Keswick, Cumbria

If you ask me, the Oddfellows Arms sounds more like an episode of the Channel 4 series Embarrassing Bodies than a pub. The name of this boozer might also be apt for the meeting place of computer geeks, trainspotters, stamp collectors, butterfly catchers and other assembled nerds hoping to eat, drink and be merry, free… Read More »

Somerville Arms, Leamington Spa

Visitors to the Somerville Arms be warned; swot up on your grammar or face the wrath of a group of know-alls who sit at the bar debating the big issues of the day. To give you some idea of what I mean, a heated debate between three beer boffins and a wine connoisseur reached crisis… Read More »

Bishops Finger, Smithfield, London

Here is the tale of how I was dealt a knock-out blow by five Bishops Fingers at the Bishops Finger pub in London. But before I get on to that, let me just get some preliminaries out the way first. The pub is located near to several others in a small quaint corner close to… Read More »

The Golden Fleece, York

Having traipsed and trawled through York’s Christmas markets on a freezing cold Saturday afternoon, the good Lady InnSpectre and I felt exhausted as we made our way to the pub. I imagine this is how Jason and the Argonautsmust have felt during their rather less arduous quest to find the Golden Fleece. Delirium was just… Read More »

The Antelope, Tooting

On the rare occasions I was allowed into a pub as a nipper I seem to remember chaps in cricket whites sporting handlebar moustaches and beards drowning their sorrows from proper dimpled pint jugs after my local boozer, the Red Lion, had suffered another defeat at the hands of the Dog and Duck. The Red… Read More »

The Red Cow, Sandwich, Kent

I sat at the counter at the Red Cow flipping beer mats tapping my fingers and clock watching while listening to the sound of passing tumbleweed when – BANG! – the door swung open and a group of bar billiard hustlers strode forward with purpose. It was a scene reminiscent of a John Wayne western.… Read More »

Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge, North Yorkshire Moors

During moments of boredom, usually when I’m stuck waiting for another delayed train at a rain-lashed London station, I allow my mind to take me on a pub crawl. So, I might be getting hammered in Halifax one minute while going on the lash in Leatherhead the next. It’s great. You should try it. It… Read More »

Beer Bistro, Chicago, Illinois

Being dragged around the shoe department of Macy’s in Chicago for an hour and a half is my idea of hell. I hate shopping. Hate it, hate it, HATE IT. However, having been whisked through the store’s revolving doors faster than Usain Bolt by my good lady InnSpectre, 90 minutes later she astutely assessed that… Read More »

Hobgoblin, Wychwood Brewery

Pots, pans and pint glasses were piled high in my kitchen sink to such an extent that I actually decided to do something about it. This happens about once every couple of weeks, where I just can’t bear to look at the mountain of misery stacked in front of me any longer. On this occasion… Read More »

Home brewing beginners’ guide

Come on, let’s be honest; beer is plentiful, available at supermarkets, off-licences and pubs throughout the land. So why are so many people turning to homebrew kits? It could well be that with the recession in full flow, people are looking to home brewing as a cost cutting measure. For a reasonable amount of start-up… Read More »

The Well House Inn, Mugswell, Surrey

If school history lessons had been anything like my visit to the Well House Inn then I would have bucked my ideas up, paid attention and, no doubt, passed my exams. History oozes from its dark wooden beams and those lucky enough to stumble across it are sure to be captivated by it’s charm. I… Read More »