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Fraoch heather ale review

Fraoch heather ale has an interesting, mystical story to tell. To my mind at least, Fraoch sounds like a character out of The Hobbit or an expletive Bilbo Baggins might hurl at unsuspecting residents of The Shire after a particularly heavy session down the boozer. The name of this heather ale isn’t the only Tolkein-type… Read More »

Thwaites Nutty Black

As the summer months drift away and August turns to September, most beer drinker’s minds and palates turn towards warming winters ales. Thwaites Nutty Black is one such beer which comes into its own at this time of year. Should you buy a few bottles of Nutty Black, then rest assured your purchase comes with… Read More »

Summer Lightning, Hop Back Brewery

If a beer should ever be selected to represent the great British summer by name alone then it has to be Summer Lightning. I’ve lost count how many times during May, June and July I’ve spent an evening at home supping a bottle of this brew while the rain lashes down outside. Us Brits have… Read More »

Hobgoblin, Wychwood Brewery

Pots, pans and pint glasses were piled high in my kitchen sink to such an extent that I actually decided to do something about it. This happens about once every couple of weeks, where I just can’t bear to look at the mountain of misery stacked in front of me any longer. On this occasion… Read More »