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Whitelock’s Ale House, Leeds

The chap who plonked himself down next to me at Whitelock’s Ale House in Leeds looked like he’d had his fill of the city’s shops. His Primark plastic bag, full of cheap clobber, looked distinctly out of place in a pub with such a rich history. The forlorn expression on his face and the lengthy… Read More »

The King Lud, Ryde, Isle of Wight

Within five minutes of setting foot on the Isle of Wight I was sitting in a pub, swigging a beer and enjoying the relaxed pace of island life. The journey from Portsmouth to Ryde took ten minutes by Hovercraft, a mode of transport once considered the future of sea travel but, aside from this little… Read More »

Zetland Arms, South Kensington

After 20 minutes traipsing around the Natural History Museum, my mind began to wander towards the pub. Two hours later, with my legs about to buckle beneath me, I literally stumbled across the Zetland Arms in South Kensington. I was gasping for a pint. In a semi-delirious state I jostled past punters stood outside this… Read More »

The Nell Gwynne, near Covent Garden

Thank god for mobile phones. Without them the barmaids at the Nell Gwynne would have had nothing better to do than admire the pub’s paintwork, watch Russian ice hockey on the tele or worst still, talk to me. I was the only punter in the pub at that point and, while my pint was being… Read More »

Starre Inn, York, Yorkshire

If it wasn’t for a whacking great big sign spanning the width of Stonegate in York then you could easily miss Ye Olde Starre Inn – the oldest licensed venue in the city. Having played it’s part in the English Civil War this pub oozes – or should that be River Ouses – history and… Read More »

Split Crow, Halifax, Nova Scotia

I walked through the doors of the Split Crow in search of a quiet pint. I was in that kind of mood, you see. It was early evening and the place was fairly quiet with just a smattering off diners. I bought a pint of Rickard’s Blonde and went to sit outside. I plonked myself… Read More »

Leamington Spa, Woodland Tavern

Those famous old curmudgeons Waldorf and Statler weren’t the only miserable Muppets in the Woodland Tavern when I sauntered through its doors one sunny Saturday afternoon. There were a couple of dour-looking red-faced old soaks sat directly opposite a model of the puppet pensioners, the irony of which wasn’t lost on me. I ordered a… Read More »

The Little Windsor, Sutton

CLICK HERE FOR AN AUDIO VERSION of the InnSpectre’s visit to the Little Windsor Sutton Let me clarify one thing, I am not a High Street kind of bloke. I find their assortment of pound shops, pawnbrokers and bookmakers too much for my sensitive nature, and don’t get me started on the chavs, neanderthals and… Read More »

White Hart Inn, Canterbury

I was feeling somewhat fragile by the time I stumbled through the doors of the White Hart in Canterbury. I had just shaken off a lingering hangover from the previous day’s trip to Kent Beer Festival and I looked and smelt like I’d spent the night in a skip. On the plus side, I felt… Read More »

The Loose Cannon, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Let’s be honest, we all need a little TLC in our lives – especially us beer drinkers. So, thank crikey then for this little boozer. Depending on the way I feel, I like a my drinking dens dark and dingy, mean and moody but almost always warm and welcoming, and the Loose Cannon (TLC) has… Read More »

Bank Tavern, Keswick, Lake District

There’s nothing quite like confronting a few demons before hitting the boozer, is there? Prior to my pint at the Bank Tavern, Keswick, Lake District I went for a walk around the banks of Derwentwater with the Good Lady InnSpectre. The scene was pleasant; the sun was shining and birds singing, while mothers gently pushed… Read More »

The Spread Eagle, Camden, London

After three hours shuffling around Camden Market on a freezing afternoon I was ready for a pint. I’d seen enough spotty teenagers with nose rings, pink hair and quirky attire to last me a lifetime, as well as bags, hats, candles, mirrors, scarves and wood-carved giraffes. I was keen to swap the overwhelming smell of… Read More »

York Tap pub, York station, Yorkshire

I can honestly say that I’ve never had as good a time waiting for a train as I did at the York Tap pub, York station, Yorkshire. With time on my hands and a fine array of ales to choose from I could have happily missed my train home, accidentally on purpose, of course. This… Read More »

The Gladstone, Borough, London

Stuffed owls, spinning glitter balls and rotating musical instruments suspended from the ceiling may not be your cuppa, but if you want a taste of the kitsch and unconventional then this pub will leave you feeling Glad all over. I popped into this colourful Borough boozer late one Friday afternoon to find members of staff… Read More »

The Maxwell’s Plum, Halifax, Nova Scotia

A bubbly barmaid at the Maxwell’s Plum, Halifax, Nova Scotia asked me what I wanted to drink. I don’t normally have a problem answering such a question, but then I don’t normally have to choose one of 60 beers on tap. So, I did what any Englishman would do when faced with making such a… Read More »

The Wheatsheaf, Willingdon

I spent a late summer’s afternoon searching for a decent pub in Eastbourne. It was an afternoon wasted. I’ll never get that time back. If only I had gone armed with the knowledge that one of the area’s best boozers – the Wheatsheaf – lies just outside the town in a Morris Dancing-loving backwater called… Read More »

The Famous Green Man, Ewell

Sitting in a beer garden with the sun beating down on your face is a wonderful experience. Being surrounded by middle-aged cigarette-puffing chavs who use such outdated terms as ‘lovely jubbly’ and ‘pukka’ while swigging a lager top, is not. The banal banter of this boozy bunch left me wondering if I’d been beamed back… Read More »

The Three Lions, Farncombe

When I was a lad my older sisters used to tease me a lot. It’s tempting to spill the beans and tell the world who these nasty girls are, but I will keep their anonymity safe by refering to them only as Sister A and Sister B. While me and Sister A sat quietly watching… Read More »

Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

The allure of the good old English pub should not be underestimated. This was the message I received loud and clear from a group of cider supping American tourists I had the pleasure of meeting in the Bunch of Grapes (BoG). The visitors, from Jeffersontown, Missouri told me how much they enjoy our boozers with… Read More »

The Windsor Castle, Clapham

I was in a really good mood as I approached the Windsor Castle, Clapham. It was Friday, the sun was beating down and I was just about to have my first pint of the weekend. On my way into the pub, I walked past two cigarette-toting bald bruts wearing football shirts. They looked like the… Read More »