CAMRA’s Good Beer Knowledge book by Jeff Evans

By | October 18, 2016

The new edition of CAMRA’s Beer Knowledge could well be just the thing you need to impress family and friends down the boozer – after all, knowledge is power.

Written by award-winning author Jeff Evans, this pocket-sized book is packed with beer facts, feats, records, stats and anecdotes to ensure that you are never lost for words at the pub again.

Being launched as part of a beer tasting event at the Hungerford Literary Festival on Saturday, October 22, the book has been meticulously researched by Evans, who is the author of CAMRA’s So You Want to Be a Beer Expert? and Good Bottled Beer Guide among many other titles.

More than 200 entries make up this unique collection of entertaining trivia and essential wisdom, allowing you to explore the world of beer through one handy volume.

Subjects include beer styles, heritage pubs, taxation, and beer served in restaurants, planes and trains – all mixed up with a smattering of history, awards results and some typically daft stories from the world of beer.

Yes, once you’ve read this book, even you could become slightly more interesting to other people.